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Fuel and Services Payment

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Save, manage, and plan the costs of your fleet.

  • A Card with a contact-less chip that uses the latest technology in the market.
  • Safe ownership card with on-line certificates in Multos and VeriFone.
  • Your card will allow you to buy fuel and operate with affiliated markets that provide services, repair shops, and auto parts sharing a common market of fleet members.
  • Improve the performance of your resources by combining all of your purchases on your card with statistical values ​​of your fleet’s performance, mechanical repairs, mileage performance, worn parts, and obtain profitability.
  • Restriction in the purchase of products, defining the purchase network per businesses and even its capability of financial multi-products and compound entities.
  • Loyalty, management of points and discounts for card purchases of all our business affiliated members as advantages of being a holder of our card.

  • Purchase identifier through ID driver in all of our transactions, allowing the identification of dispatcher and driver per purchase.
  • Payment method and restriction developed by Start-Fleet, purchases per day, purchases per authorized/current volume, delimitation of kilometers covered consumption time slot, etc.
  • easibility/Liability of several financial entities.
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